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Don't yell at the crowd; Speak to the individual.

talk to the individual

Scenario A: You get a postcard in the mail. It starts off with some generic message. It talks about some product or service you couldn't care less about. You throw it away with the rest of the junk mail you pulled out of your mail box today.


Scenario B: You get a postcard in the mail. It is addressed to you, with your name. It wishes you a happy birthday. As a gift to you, the business that sent the card is giving you 25% off your next purchase. You hang on to the postcard and plan on using it.


That is the power of variable printing and 1 to 1 marketing. Place an ad in the paper, you get thousands of readers who skip over your generic "appeal to the masses" message. Send a personalized letter to someone's house, you get an interested reader. 1 to 1 marketing is about bang for your buck. Conversions have been proven to be much higher when your message speaks directly to the customers reading it. We would be more than happy to provide this service to you. Using our Variable Data software and digital presses, we can help you build that 1 to 1 campaign which will drive more customers to your business.


If you are interested in learning more or talking about the possibilities of variable data printing, please fill out a quote form or contact us for more information.